11 Feb 10

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When approaching in one of the most appealing locations in the world, Las Vegas, Nevada, I could not help but think about how interesting my Company’s assemblies would be. I knew it was a moment for serious actions and keeping a engaged mind, the meetings were a wonderful success and it was now time to relax and indulge in my surroundings of dazzling lights and all night Las Vegas entertainment.

My initial experience in my luxurious hotel’s casino floor was the sound of a woman behind the roulette wheels yelling with excitement after acquiring a cash prize of 12,225.00 dollars on a slot machine and the crowd that had gathered around her seemed to be just as happy for her as she was for herself. That’s excitement!

Me, well, I have forever liked blackjack gambling along with poker, roulette and baccarat and sought out a blackjack table where I could try my hand at it. The Vegas hotels are always filled with gamers. Every gambler around me seemed eager to throw away their betting $$$$$ and their gambling spirits were high and I fell right in with them and laid my bet. Squandering my first two hands but as I visioned, after thirty mins and 2 croupiers into my night, I fled the black jack table 375.00 dollars ahead. That is excitement!

An excellent accomplishment for a beginner casino gambler such as my myself.

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